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The Cottage

The Auld (Old) Haa is an extended Lairds House on the island of Yell.  (The difference from a croft house being higher ceilings).  The original house has very thick stone walls and was probably built around 1880.  This is one of 2 houses at the end of a single track road about one and a half miles from the ferry terminal at Ulsta.  The other house (set behind Auld Haa) is 'Da Kitchen'.  (This was the former servants quarters and now modernised and extended).

The Auld Haa is the last house, accessed by road, on the 'Longa Tonga' peninsular (a Norse name as most place names in Shetland).

The house overlooks the Lock of Copister and Yell Sound and the islands of Samphrey and Orfasay.  These were occupied years ago but are now home to sheep and wildlife.  The main vista is filled with the Shetland mainland. At night the lights of Mossbank, across the water, are a pretty sight and the flares of Sullam Voe light the sky. The 180 degree view from the Day/View room can give you amazing sunrises and sunsets.


Auld Haa is situated on the South Coast of the Isle of Yell. The drive to the cottage from the ferry terminal at Ulsta is via a single track road, just over one and a half miles. From Yell there is good access to the islands of Unst, Fetler and Mainland Shetland by ferry and nowhere seems too far to travel. Although the Shetland Islands are the furthest North in the UK, they have a temperate climate due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. The cottage is available all year round.

View of 'Auld Haa' (top right), Copister Loch and Yell Sound


The cottage is an ideal base for walkers, cyclists and birdwatchers. Simon King made a series of programs on Shetland and stayed some time with his family.  Bill Oddy has spent a number of years coming to Shetland. Ever changing views give photographers plenty of material.

Free Wi-Fi is provided for your use.

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Views taken from the Beach (at Hamma Voe) to the North of the house, along the 'Longa Tonga' Peninsula and back to the house along the South Side 

'Winter' Notes

Pictures taken from November to May are included in this section.  The skys can be even more dramatic as the sun gets lower towards the winter equinox. Snow is now very rare but does provide a 'change of scenery' for a short while.  The nights are longer with dramatic sunrises and sunsets and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) might appear!?

Read what it says about the Northern Lights at ''.


Shetland is the furthest North you can get in the UK!

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